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PO. Box 390
Mora, NM 87732

Suzzane Cole

Our 4-H Youth Development program is a dynamic non-formal education program. It provides opportunities for youth to acquire life skills and gain knowledge while having fun. The life skills learned in 4-H enable youth to become productive, well-informed, self-reliant, responsible adults.

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American Legion
Po Box 1146
Mora, NM 87732

Ben Bustos

American Legion is the nation’s largest wartime veterans service organization, committed to mentoring youth and sponsorship of wholesome programs in our communities, advocating patriotism and honor, promoting strong national security, and continued devotion to our fellow servicemembers and veterans.

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American Red Cross

Frank Maestas

The American Red Cross, through its strong network of volunteers, donors and partners, is always there in times of need. We aspire to turn compassion into action so that all people affected by disaster across the country and around the world receive care, shelter and hope; our communities are ready and prepared for disasters; everyone in our country has access to safe, lifesaving blood and blood products; all members of our armed services and their families find support and comfort whenever needed; and in an emergency, there are always trained individuals nearby, ready to use their Red Cross skills to save lives.

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Chamber of Commerce
PO. Box 800
Mora, NM 87732

JD. Weathers

The Mora Valley Chamber of Commerce (MVCC) is dedicated to serving the citizens of Mora County. To strengthen our local economy, promote a healthy business climate, serve as a voice for business in community affairs, and to promote awareness of historic and cultural traditions in Mora County.

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Collaborative Visions
PO. Box 495
Mora, NM 87732

Anita Laran

Collaborative Visions builds collaborative partnerships that empower Northern New Mexico Rural Communities to be vibrant, healthy, sustainable and resilient.

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Collins Lake Ranch
PO. Box 472
Cleveland, NM

Steve Smaby
Collins Lake Ranch is nestled between hills just off the main road in Cleveland, NM. Surrounded by forest, this tranquil valley has all the elements and resources of a traditional ranch complex
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Carla Duran

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Fire Department
P.O. Box 580
Mora, NM 87732

David Montoya

The fire dept. provides administrative support to the Mora County volunteer fire departments.  Serves as a liaison between the Mora County Fire Service and all other agencies within or outside of the Mora County Government.  Coordinates all activities or assets common to some or all of the volunteer fire departments within the County.

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Girl Scouts

Carrie Gutierrez

Our Girl Scout Leadership Experience is a one-of-a-kind leadership development program for girls, with proven results. It is based on time-tested methods and research-backed programming that help girls take the lead—in their own lives and in the world.

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John T. Harrington Forestry Research Center
PO Box 359
Mora, N.M. 87732

Laura McCarthy

The mission for the John T. Harrington Forestry Research Center at Mora is to conduct research and outreach throughout New Mexico and beyond in the areas of forest biology, native plant production, and reforestation biology.

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La Cueva
PO. Box 128
Buena Vista, NM. 87712

The Abell Family

The old adobe mill compex, built in the 1850’s of adobe brick on a rock foundation, was part of a large shipping center for livestock and agricultural products. The mill ground flour for many families in the Mora Valley and the La Cueva area. The mill itself generated electricity through 1949 and today is in good condition and has extensive storage buildings.

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PO. Box 66
Cleveland, NM 87715

Nancy Quintana

We believe that the main resource of the county of Mora is the human being and, for that reason, the philosophy that guides this publication is humanistic. Therefore, we do not care about your political affiliation, age, religion, race or gender. We are interested in the human being that you are, expressing yourself without violence in the present, forgiving the past without forgetting where you come from and looking with hope towards the future.

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Los De Mora Growers Coop.
PO. Box 495
Mora, NM 87732

Roger Gonzales

The Cooperative seeks to secure resources to assist in the production of processing and packaging in a region currently underserved and lacking sustainable economic options. Our partnerships and coordination with local expertise in diverse grassroots.

Hours: Monday, Tuesday & Friday 2pm – 5pm / Saturday 10am – 5pm

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Mora Arts & Culture Compound
PO Box 364
Mora, NM 87732

Anita Moss

Mora Arts and Cultural Compound is a “space” designated by our amazing New Mexico MainStreet and embracing the “spirit” of old fashion values, community, culture, and all the goodness our valley has to offer.

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Mora County
PO Box 580
Mora, NM 87732

Frank Maestas/ Arturo Marlow

The area now known as Mora County and particularly the Mora River Valley has attracted inhabitants and travelers for centuries.  The Jicaralla Apaches were some of the earliest inhabitants.  The Spanish Conquistadors traveled through the Mora valley in the 1600’s and Mora’s streams and mountains attracted French trappers in the 1700’s.

  Already by 1835 there were three thriving settlements in the valley and the town of Mora was the most significant town between Santa Fe and Taos.

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Mora County Economic Development Corporation

Meryl Witt

Mora County Economic Development Corporation is created
to promote Mora County as a desirable place to do business,
produce goods and services, educate our citizens
and enjoy an excellent quality of life.

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Mora Mountain Mommas

BJ Peck

The Mora Mountain Mommas is a group of ladies in the community who gather together once a month in different locations for interesting activities.

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Mora National Fish Hatchery
PO. Box 689
Mora, NM 87732

Lori Casados

Mora NFH is dedicated to the restoration and recovery of the threatened Gila trout, a fish found only in the high desert and mountain watersheds of the Gila, Salt, and Verde drainages in New Mexico and Arizona. Biologists maintain wild brood stocks of the rare Gila trout, keeping them in as much a natural setting as possible.

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Mora School Board
PO. Box 179
Mora, NM. 87732

Dolores Romero

Mora Independent Schools exists as a concrete foundation to prioritize every student, every day, in every way. We will provide students with the resources necessary to be successful in life. Our school culture will be one of security, respect, honesty, loyalty, accountability, investment, and positivity.

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Mora Valley Community Health Services
PO. Box 209
Mora, NM 87732

Julian Barela

MVCHS provides a wide range of services to the Mora Valley area. MVCHS offers quality medical, dental, and behavioral health services in its primary care clinic. In addition to primary care services, MVCHS also operates a School Based Health Center, an adult day care program, home care, and personal care services.

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Mora Valley Tourism Cooperative

Yvette Arellanes

Going forward, the Mora Valley Tourism Cooperative has been formed around tourism, to bring together partners for trainings such as hosting short-term rentals in homes and cabins.

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NMSU Extention
PO. Box 390
Mora, NM 87732

Suzzane Cole

Providing the people of New Mexico with practical, research-based knowledge and programs to improve their quality of life.

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Senior Center
PO. Box 516
Mora, NM. 87732

Marino Rivera

Mora Senior Center provides a variety of services to seniors in Mora and surrounding areas. Lunch is served Monday through Friday for seniors aged 60 years of age and older. A 2.50 donation is requested. transportation is provided in Mora and within a 15 mile radius of the village. There are recreational activities and in conjunction with Mora Valley Community Health Services, the senior center can assist seniors with dental services, assessments, homemaker services and more. A vibrant, warm and welcoming center for the community.

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Sheriffs Dept.
PO Box Mora, NM 87732

Amos Espinoza

The Sheriff’s department in the Mora County mission statement is to professionally uphold the laws on an fair, firm and consistent manner in an effort to protect the quality of life and the property within the community.

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St. Gertrudes
PO. Box 599
Mora, NM 87732

Sherry Headlee
Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, over all the earth, and over all the creatures that move along the ground.”

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St. Vrain Mill
PO. Box 1282
Mora, NM. 87732

Meryl Witt

The Saint Vrain Mill Preservation and Historical Foundation is a not for profit
corporation registered in New Mexico. It also has 501 (c) (3) federal tax-exempt status. While the Foundation’s current focus is on the Mill itself, its charter also provides for acquisition of other properties in Mora related to the life of Ceran St. Vrain. Membership in the Foundation is open to individuals, businesses and organizations.

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State Parks
1220 South St. Francis Dv.
Santa Fe, NM 87505

State Parks is committed to this mission, employing professional, dedicated staff to ensure that parks are cared for and preserved to the highest professional standards. State park programs provide safe, fun and educational experiences – and a visit to a state park is a true value.

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Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)
PO. Box 555
Mora, NM. 87732

Sam Muniz

Unexpected financial hardships are tough, and distracting. The VFW Unmet Needs program offers the relief you need to focus on what really matters.

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Victory Ranch
PO Box 680
Mora, NM 87732

Carol Wiser

Victory Ranch Alpacas and Store is nestled on 1,000 acres in the lush Mora Valley in Northeastern New Mexico. The Weisner family, from Chicago, started the ranch in 1991. The Weisners and a team of dedicated employees have been running the ranch ever since.

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