Mora Fiesta 2024

Two Venues:

Fiesta History!!!

The alfalfa has been baled and all put away in stacks at the corral. Thanks to the abundance of snowfall in winter and the rainfalls of spring, there is nothing more to do but to wait for the fruit to ripen on the trees. Being that there is a little pause now to rest from the daily grind, the Feast Days of Santiago and Santa Ana were very welcome at this time.

In days gone by, people used to anticipate such days with great joy. The men rode into town on horseback on St. James’ Day and the women would ride in horse carts on Saint Anne’s Day. Both would come dressed to the nines, resplendent in their finest fiesta attire. They were anticipating the arrival of the queen and her court following behind the local parish priest from the church, who was ready to bless them all at the start of the feast days.

Hope to see you at Mass! (5:00 pm at St. Gertrude’)s Church ~ RuthAnn Roybol-Griego

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