Family Science Night with Explora

     Southwest Capital Bank and Mora Arts & Cultural Compound partnered once again to bring Explora to town. As the Mora Arts & Cultural Compound, we have worked with Explora on three different events this year including one for our upcoming Fall Fest. 

      Anita Moss, Mora ACC coordinator, began by briefly describing some of the activities our organization contributed this year, including the school reading program, several town clean ups, arts camp, wildlife camp, the wood project with Collins Lake Ranch, community newsletter, and the Mora website. It was important to share this during our science day because we want the community to know all the great projects the ACC works on and, of course, to invite the community to participate in all of the fulfilling projects we have around town. 


    After the ACC presentation, we enjoyed amazing, healthy and dynamic food created by our ACC team. The team managed to build an owl, a train, a snake and a turkey with only food! Our guests all loved it and because it made their kids smile, wanted to know how to make this interesting food at home.

     After everyone mingled and enjoyed their food, it was time for our Explora program. We love Explora because of the impact they make on our youth, inviting kids to explore hands-on exhibit activities, investigating gravity, water, light, air, numbers, sound, electricity, and more during the two hour exhibit exploration facilitated by Explora educators. Explora creates opportunities for inspirational discovery and the joy of lifelong learning through interactive experiences in science, technology, engineering, art, and math.

     We share Explora’s core values: learning, community, generosity, and sustainability. This is why we love partnering with organizations like Explora, which focuses on sharing different areas of interest for the future of our community, our children.

    Thank you to everyone that joined us for this event. All we do is for our community, so seeing an outcome like this one inspires us to keep working hard for our youth. 

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