Get to Know the MCC Blog 2

Board Member Spotlight- Suzanne Devos-Cole

Today’s blog is the second in a series called “Get to Know the MCC”, in which I will be further explaining our organization by detailing day-to-day operations, highlighting our board members and partner organizations, and sharing our organizational goals. Today’s blog will be the first of our board profiles, so keep reading to learn more about our dedicated volunteer board!

Suzanne DeVos-Cole is an MCC board member and the New Mexico State University Extension Agent in Mora.  Suzanne is a trained landscape architect, and prior to her work in Mora, she had a design/build business for 18 years. Today, Suzanne represents NMSU and brings the university’s research—and her wealth of knowledge and experience— to the residents of Mora. Drawn to our community by the natural beauty, climate, and open space, Suzanne and her family have been in Mora for 12 years. In her free time, she enjoys gardening, knitting, reading, cooking, and traveling.

The Mora Creative Council has been lucky enough to have partnered with Suzanne for the past three years. She started with us as a volunteer and the relationship evolved into a partnership between our organizations. This year, Suzanne became a member of the MCC board. When asked why the MCC is important for our community, Suzanne answered “They create celebrations that bring people together. They create a vision for others to see and become a part of. They marry the constituencies together by celebrating the old culture as well as introduced ones. Everyone feels welcome.”

The Mora County Extension Office and the Mora Creative Council have teamed up on many projects, but Suzanne’s favorite to date are our youth summer camps. Together, we have created a curriculum for various youth summer camps including art camp, wildlife camp, cultural connections camp, and agriculture camp. With this curriculum, Suzanne hopes to develop a reputation for quality educational programming in Mora and secure long-term funding for our projects. Suzanne also adds that she feels blessed to be on such a proactive, positive, and caring board.

The MCC is so thankful to have Suzanne on board. She brings us a unique perspective, assists with public outreach, and is always willing to help. She also has a can-do attitude and a great sense of humor, which is always a plus! We are excited to continue our partnership with Suzanne and the NMSU Extension Office as we work to stimulate, enhance, and preserve Mora.



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