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Board Member Spotlight- Norma Philipps


Welcome back to another “Get to Know the MCC” blog! Follow along with the series to get to know more about our organization as I detail day-to-day operations, highlight our board members and partner organizations, and share our organizational goals. Today, we are highlighting one of our board members, Norma Philipps.

Norma Philipps has been working with the MCC as an at-large board member for nearly three years and has volunteered with various other organizations in our community. Norma brings with her a great deal of knowledge and experience in various subjects including education, first aid and CPR, and small business and non-profit management. Her non-profit experience is vast, and she has been involved in organizations ranging from those that serve the elderly, disabled, and low-income people, to AIDS outreach, regional transportation, and public radio.

As part of the MCC board, Norma leads our adult volunteer reading program at Mora Elementary. Although there are many components to the reading program, some of this work includes finding and purchasing age-appropriate educational books, recruiting volunteers, and reading to the school children. Norma has stated that the reading program is her favorite MCC project to date. “Before COVID, I had the privilege of participating in the adult volunteer reading program in Mora Public Schools. What a pleasure to read once a month to children in kindergarten through grade six! The looks in their eyes and the smiles on their faces!”

Prior to settling in Mora, Norma lived in New York, Colorado, and Louisiana, sharing her knowledge and building community everywhere she went. Norma is an avid gardener, gaining great satisfaction from growing and cooking her own food. When asked why she is motivated by the MCC’s work, Norma replied “In Mora, I see delightful people, full of life. Yet looking at the downtown buildings, there is a sense of richness from the past, but some emptiness in the present. People need well-paying local employment…MCC events such as the Easter Scavenger Hunt and annual Fall Festival help build fun-filled memories that, I believe, create a sense of place; and this in turn will help to build the economy back up.”

Over the next five years, Norma hopes to create financial stability within the MCC, as well as purchase equipment to create videos of adult readers presenting books for the elementary children, especially in this time of social distancing. The MCC is incredibly lucky to have Norma on board. She is kind, caring, and has a deep devotion to community service that cannot be replicated! We are so thankful for her volunteer work in the community and excited to continue working with her to stimulate, enhance and preserve Mora.



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