Mora Valley Ranch & Grocery

    Mora Valley Ranch Supply has a new name, Mora Valley Ranch and Grocery, having recently started selling groceries.  From personal experience and conversations with our customers, we realized that a grocery outlet was something Mora residents sorely missed. In the two years since Russell’s closed, there has not been much progress in getting any sort of grocery service back in Mora. We, as well as other Mora businesses, were losing sales when Mora families would go to Las Vegas or elsewhere to buy groceries. It was our employees who came up with the idea of adding groceries, so we installed four refrigeration units and made space for several aisles of groceries.

     It was an experiment, starting small, to see if it worked.  The initial response has been much more positive than we anticipated.  With an initial limited selection, we are selling a significant quantity of food and have had great feedback from our customers. We are expanding our selection of food items weekly and will continue to do so as our customers give us feedback.

     Mora Valley Ranch and Grocery focuses on protein, staple items and limited produce that can easily become a balanced family meal. This includes beef, pork, chicken and shrimp in variable portions, fresh and frozen vegetables and fruits, cheese and dairy products and a selection of prepared items such as French fries, breaded chicken wings and desserts. For the most part, we offer products that are simply not available at other outlets in Mora and the prices are reasonable.

     There is concern that Mora Valley Ranch and Grocery is in competition with other food outlets in Mora, but in fact, we complement other food outlets in the community. For instance, Los de Mora offers locally grown and organic products. We do not have local produce. Our goal is to provide the community with improved options for purchasing healthier food and also to meet their needs without having to travel to other communities to purchase necessities. We believe that Mora families now can meet most of their grocery needs in Mora, in more than one store. 

     We now are able to accept SNAP Benefits and EBT payments. 

     Please visit Mora’s newest grocery outlet at 545, State Highway 518.  Let us know what you think. We are open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Saturday.


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