VISTA member Paulina Alarcon

Paulina, is a 28 year old mass communications major.

Originated from Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico. Paulina moved to the US when she was 17 years old, it was a challenge for her to learn a different language and a whole new culture.

She shares her love for performing arts since she was a little girl, always being involved in local performances and developing a love for creativity.

Although her acting career is on hold right now, she believes that those skills have helped her to develop people skills. She things it connects her better with the community which is crucial for her current recruitment with Americorps as a VISTA member as a community organizer.

Alarcon enjoys the outdoors and has a vivid passion for traveling, she has visited 9 different countries through out her life, “traveling helps me understand the different ways we portray perspective, I find different cultures from all over the world fascinating and has been an amazing journey for me to experience them,” Alarcon said.

Paulina moved to Mora for this position. She works closely with the Mora Arts & Cultural Compound and their many community projects. She has a passion for community development, networking, organizing projects, etc…Her job description includes helping community volunteers find a great fit for their skills and interests, attending community organization meetings, and coordinating efforts, helping Mora communicate projects, events and opportunities to the community.

This VISTA position is available to non-profits who are working with specific projects helping in anti-poverty, elderly, youth programs, food needs and much more. The VISTA volunteer is a full time job, working for minimal pay, but, dedicated to the cause. The office space, internet, etc…is supported by the Mora County Economic Development Corporation and the Mora Arts & Cultural Compound. Paulina is our first “employee” working on the many community projects that have sprung up over the past 4 years.

If you want to meet, share ideas, get involved stop in, office located at 397 NM-518, Mora, NM. Invite her to meetings by emailing her at

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