Daily Operations at the MCC

Have you ever wondered how a non-profit operates on a day-to-day basis? Here at the Mora Creative Council, we are always keeping busy and working behind the scenes to further community and economic development. We do this in various ways, from maintaining our online presence, to collaborating with various local, state, and national organizations, planning community events, and working on our economic transformation strategies. Read on to learn more about a typical day working at the MCC!

One of our most important daily tasks is maintaining and growing our online presence. We post to Facebook and Instagram at least 3 times per week in order to reach our community quickly and conveniently and keep up engagement within our community. We also keep in contact with various community organizations, who keep us informed about their meetings, programs, and events. This all goes into our bi-monthly newsletter, which we update daily to keep our subscribers up to date with the various happenings in Mora. Our website is a huge part of our daily activities as well. Ourmora.org is ever evolving and we are always working on the back end of the website to create new pages, keep the calendar updated, grow our business directory, and share frequent blog posts.

At the MCC, we are very dedicated to learning, and that doesn’t stop at providing lots of educational opportunities for our youth and local businesses. We are always attending training sessions and webinars to advance our knowledge in order to better serve our community. Some examples of this are grant writing and fundraising trainings, Paycheck Protection Program and CARES Act overviews, informational sessions about grant opportunities, and webinars about tourism and economic development.

Of course, none of our projects and programs are possible without funding. This means we are always on the lookout for grants and funding opportunities. We are always working to find appropriate grants and secure funding for our various projects. Last year we brought in over $16,000 in grant funding and hope to increase that number in 2021.

Perhaps the most important part of our work is planning. In order to implement all of our programs and have them be successful, we have to have a plan in order. We have many meetings with our board and various committees in order to plan our projects. They give us input on design, timing, funding opportunities, and programming options. Then, we take all of this information and create a plan with deadlines. This all helps us to stay on track with the implementation of our programs and allows us to demonstrate measurable progress on our goals.

This is what a typical day at the Mora Creative Council looks like! Although it may seem quiet, we are constantly working behind the scenes to bring more projects, programs, and opportunities to our community. If you are interested in volunteering with our organization or getting involved in community events, email us at ourmoranm@gmail.com. We can find a way to match your unique talents to many community projects!

Questions or comments? Email us at ourmoranm@gmail.com


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