Get to Know the MCC Blog 5

Board Member Spotlight- Ken Krusemark

Welcome back to another “Get to Know the MCC” blog! Follow along with the series to get to know more about our organization as I detail day-to-day operations, highlight our board members and partner organizations, and share our organizational goals. Today, we are highlighting one of our board members, Ken Krusemark.

Ken Krusemark is a representative of the St. Vrain Mill and has been serving on the MCC board since its inception. Hailing from central Kansas, Ken and his wife have lived in Mora permanently for the past 10 years, and volunteer for many organizations in the area. On any given Tuesday, you can find him cooking up a hot meal at the Comedor de San Pascual soup kitchen in Las Vegas. He is also the chairman of Immanuel Lutheran Church in Las Vegas, where he leads bible classes. In addition to this, Ken serves on the board of the St. Vrain Mill, the Mora Creative Council, and volunteers with the Mora Community Theater Group.

Ken holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Kansas State University and was a Registered Professional Engineer in Kansas. His professional and personal career gave him many opportunities to solve new and unusual problems, which makes him a great creative and innovative asset for our team. His engineering skills allow him to advise on construction and renewal projects, and he is well versed in photography and computer skills. Recently, Ken has been working with the MCC, the Mora Veteran’s Group, and New Mexico MainStreet to design a Veteran’s Memorial, which is the upcoming project he is most excited for. The design process has given him an opportunity to be creative and provide something that the community can rally around.

When asked what motivates him about the MCC’s work, Ken stated “The other members of the board. It’s very hard to be passive when you’re surrounded by such hard and innovative workers. The fact that the MCC has been able to bring New Mexico MainStreet to our community is quite an accomplishment. The resources we now have can help us achieve wonderful things for Mora.” Over the next year, Ken is excited to continue to work with the MCC on the Veteran’s Memorial and Mora Plaza. Over the next five years, he hopes to see growth in our tourism sector.

The MCC is incredibly lucky to have Ken on board. His unique talents and wealth of knowledge are invaluable assets to our organization, and his dedication to community service is unmatched. We are excited to continue our work with Ken as we work to stimulate, enhance, and preserve Mora.

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