Denim Recycling Drive

Organizations Team Up to Recycle Jeans

The Mora Creative Council & are teaming up with the Mora Valley Ranch Supply, Zappos, and Blue Jeans Go Green for a jean recycling drive throughout August and September. In the past, the Mora Creative Council has taken jean donations to make our Fall Festival scarecrows. has also hired a couple people on part-time basis to process used jeans to make quilts, creating part-time work for Mora locals. The parts of the jeans that can’t be used are shipped off to make insulation, making it a win-win for Mora and our environment!


The Blue Jeans Go Green program collects denim (made from cotton) so it can be recycled back to its natural fiber state and transformed into something new. Since 2006, the program has diverted over 1,750 tons of jeans from landfills, recycled more than 3 million tons of denim, and has created 6 million square feet of insulation from these recycled materials! A portion of the denim insulation is donated to Habitat for Humanity or given through a grant program that gifts insulation to qualifying organizations. All around, it is a great program that creates something new from our waste and gives back to communities in need.

If you have old jeans that you’re looking to rid of, they can be dropped off at the Mora Valley Ranch Supply Store (Monday-Saturday from 8am – 5pm). You can contribute any type of denim apparel from jeans to denim jackets and skirts. The items can be dyed, embellished, or printed, and in ANY condition! They can be ripped, stained, or even just some scrap pieces— as long as they are at least 90% cotton they can be recycled. Collections will continue until September 30th, so be sure to drop off those jeans for a good cause!

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