Geocaching in Mora

Mora Valley is embracing and becoming a geocaching fun spot! With so many trails, parks, and public spaces it is a perfect family geocaching paradise. Over the next year, Mora Creative Council will be adding caches in our area. From large to micro, puzzles and more.

What is this geocaching about? Look HERE for the international geocaching site.

It’s really just a fun treasure hunt in the forests or cities. You use your GPS or phone to find the coordinates of the cache, then look high or low, to find it. You sign the log, and take & leave a treasure of the same value. However, the real treasure is the hunt it’s self and family time.

My niece and I went for a few fun caches. The first was close to her house. It was actually quite easy to find, which was a great start to get her hooked on the cache hunting! The second was a drive up Holman Hill. It was a beautiful Sunday drive. We got to talk about upcoming school plans, comment on the changed landscape with the fire and took pictures so we can see over the next few years how nice it will transform (always looking for a silver lining!). This cache was in trees. I went to get gloves (We will add tips for supplies in upcoming blogs) because it was getting pretty uncomfortable poking through the branches. Then, she found it! Another success. Now, I know she is really hooked on this outdoor adventure. Her treasure was a little gnome. We left some dice in place of it and signed the log.

Our next cache was on Rio de Casa. I suspected the cache probably washed away with the flooding, but, I could report I didn’t find it and perhaps the owner of the cache needed to check on it. Indeed, we did not find it, but, this abandoned birds nest in the guardrail of the bridge was a fabulous treasure to bring home to her mom. We also struck out at Coyote Creek. We will go back and look. The drizzle, to rain, to a pour may have had a bit to do with our lack of success there. We laughed at our soaked clothes & shoes; deciding it was a pretty good Sunday.

To add to the day, we stopped and took photos of things in our Mora valley that we feel really makes this our home. The destination was some caches, the journey included much more.

On Saturday August 20th, the goal is to break the international record for the most geocachers out on the same day.

Geocaching guidelines

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