Stone by Stone Program

The St. Vrain Mill is one of the most visible landmarks in the Mora Valley. It was built in 1864 by Ceran St. Vrain and was a working grist mill until 1933 and then a warehouse but was largely abandoned and neglected until the St. Vrain Mill Preservation and Historical Foundation purchased the Mill and began the restoration process. Initial work began in 2015 and included the stabilization of the foundation, followed by gable replacement, new windows and safety improvements. Now the Mill is a stable, secure, weather and bird proof building, but much remains to be done.The big project ahead is the repair of the large cracks in the east and west walls. Unfortunately, this is an expensive task and requires the expertise and capabilities of an experienced contractor. Plus, it is a task that cannot be done in steps. So we need to raise a large amount of money. To that end, the Founda!on has embarked on a fundraising campaign we call the “Stone by Stone” campaign. Our goal is to rise another $50,000 and we know it may take us two years to do, but with the help of our friends and supporters we will get there. If you live in the Mora Valley, you can follow our progress by our “Stone by Stone” sign hanging on the Mill.

“Lo de Mora” is the paper back edition of the authors quest into the history of Mora. The St. Rain Mill board is helping Manuel Alcon to sell the last 45 books. After these are gone, there are no more left. Cost is $25 each/ $20 for members. Call 575-387-5615 to request your copy.

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