Hay distribution for Mora farms & ranches…

Orphan Grain Train delivered five semi-loads of hay for ranchers and farmers in Mora County from Iowa in partnership with Mora Head Start and Mora Creative Council/Mora Main Street. We would like to thank Franken Construction Company for use of their equipment to unload & load the hay. A great big thank you to the Santa Fe Community Foundation and All Together New Mexico Fund for transportation funds. You all made this possible! Thanks to all the partners, Mora Head Start, Mora Independent Schools, Mora Creative Council/Mora MainStreet, Orphan Grain Train & Ken Krusemark with Mora Creative Council. Please see the gallery for photos of each driver’s trucks.

Quote from Mr. Krusemark “It went very smoothly and the drivers seemed to enjoy the day and were impressed with the organization.  Thanks to Will Pudenz for getting the drivers organized. Thanks especially to Kevin Skillen and his little tractor, really made the day just watching him.  Also to Joseph for great organization work.”

More hay may be applied for. Call the Soil Conservation office and ask to be put on the list. They are pulling the names off the list they have on file. Please understand that this is being donated, and we have no control as to what we get or when will get it.

Check out the video on Tadd Eneboe’s Post… Thank you Tadd.

The hay was high quality orchard grass in 1500# bales. It came from a large ranch in southwest Iowa. The truckers were mostly from Iowa as well.

The Orphan Grain Train  (ogt.org  Norfolk, Nebraska)

            Furnishing hay at no cost to us, Plus covering a portion of transportation costs

Note that the hay is donated from farmers in eastern Nebraska, please visit their website and leave them a thank you note. This is an amazing international relief organization.

Santa Fe Community Foundation ($10,000 Grant for transportation expenses)

All Together New Mexico Foundation ($10,000 Grant for transportation expenses)

Mora Creative Council/ Mora Main Street

            Coordination, Acquisition of grants and Distribution, Ruth Ann Griego, President

Mora/Colfax Head Start

            Delivery, Storage & Distribution, Joseph Griego

Immanuel Lutheran Church, Las Vegas

            Sponsoring and coordination with the Orphan Grain Train, Ken Krusemark

New Mexico Livestock Board

            Identifying ranchers’ needs and coordination

Please note that there are NO State or Federal funds involved in bringing this feed to us. All expenses have been paid for by private donations.

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