St Vrain Facelift

St Vrain Mill Foundation Members & Supporters,

Sharing with you a photo of the St Vrain Mill South wall with the paint removed, well most of it anyway.  A few stones need a second treatment. After literally years of trying to figure out the best way to remove the paint, we settled on a heavy-duty chemical stripper, (non-toxic and safe for non-professionals to use) along with a lot of elbow grease.    Local Foundation members were assisted in the project by the Highlands University Athletic Service club who did the majority of the scrapping and brushing.  The job is only half done as the east wall paint needs to be removed yet, something we hope to do in October.

A photo from 2015 is also attached which not only shows the change the paint removal has made but also the other major changes since the Foundation took ownership of the St Vrain Mill.

A special thanks to Rachel Adler of the US Park Service for advising us on paint removal techniques.

Photo below is before…

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