Mora Mountain Mommas

     The Mora Mountain Mommas is a group of ladies in the community who gather together once a month in different locations for interesting activities. Mora Mountain Mommas creates a safe environment for women in our community to express themselves and have fun while they learn about each other. They love having new members join, welcoming at least one new member every time the group meets.

     About 13 years ago, founding members Jackie Montoya and Phyllis Willingham decided to start a social group. They opted to join “The Red Hat Society,” an international social organization founded in 1998 in the United States for women aged 50 and beyond.

     Years later the group changed their name to “Mora Mountain Mommas” since the group had grown more age diverse. “We wanted to be independent because there were a lot of regulations from The Red Hat Society. So we made our own organization, and welcome women from all ages!” said Connie Popovich, another member.

     The Mora Mountain Mommas have been a valuable connection for ladies who have recently moved to the area, as well as for those who have lived here all of their lives, recently retired and realizing they want to plug back into Mora in a social way. There are approximately 45 ladies invited each month, and on average 15-18 attend an event. These are also the ladies that sign up to volunteer in the community and make the calls to bring others to doctor appointments, help when a loved one passes and assist those with other hardships.

     This month, the group met at “The Boutique” where Anita Moss and Paulina Alarcon hosted a potluck luncheon for the group. “We always have an amazing time when we gather together, it is refreshing to know you can count on these women in the community for support, fun and delicious food,” Alarcon mentioned.

     Lunch being a potluck, we never know what is on the menu. One month there were four or five variations of a rice dish; the next four or five quinoa variations. Some ladies bring vegan, and others offer complete comfort foods. There is always more than enough, so when a member decides to attend at the last minute unprepared, it’s no problem, because sharing will never be an issue for the Mora Mountain Mommas.


     The group held their annual plant exchange for the month of June. The plants were ‘exchanged’ by drawing a number then selecting. It was fun and encouraging for the members to invest in nature. Even a little plant exchange makes a difference.

Thank you, ladies, for making all women in the community feel welcome to your monthly meetings. If you are interested in more information and meeting details please email

Author Paulina Alarcon

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