To Your Health: Mora Local Health Food Store


To Your Health: Mora local Health Food Store

     To Your Health carries organic and nutritional health foods and also provides a growing selection of healthy snacks and gluten free products. To Your Health is also the only health food store in the Mora Valley.

    To Your Health opened in October 2002. Brenda Donovan, associated with the store for about 10 years, said the idea behind opening a health food store was, and still is, to encourage a plant based diet for the community, because many grocery products, with added hormones and toxins, can contribute to diseases, including diabetes.

     According to studies, an organic plant based diet helps people live longer, one reason why To Your Health wants to make the community aware of how our food is being made and also what is in it. Brenda is vegan, and everyone who works at the store are vegetarian, creating a state of trust for the clientele.

     Brenda recommends her customers not drink dairy, because new studies show no benefit of dairy for bones or prevention of osteoporosis, one of the biggest reasons customers choose to drink milk. Instead, the store offers a variety of dairy alternatives that are rich in flavor and help the transition to vegan go smoothly.

     To Your Health also offers a variety of vegan books at the store, a way to encourage our small town to consider a plant based diet. 

     Since many of our community are ranchers, meat and dairy are a big part of the local diet, which may lead to diabetes and heart issues. To Your Health also provides seminars regarding healthy eating and healthy living to encourage the community to understand the benefits of a healthier diet.

     We want to thank Brenda for her great work in the community encouraging our Mora to live a healthier lifestyle. 

     For more information regarding store hours and contact information follow their Facebook page, where they post vegan recipes.

Author Paulina Alarcon




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