Online Learning During COVID-19

Free Distance Learning Opportunites

We know that our teachers are working hard to adapt to distance-learning and offer students a continuous learning plan in this unprecedented time. In the meantime, here is a list of free online resources to help supplement child learning! This is a short list that does not encompass all the free learning opportunities available right now. Check out these websites for more information:


  1. Boddle is a math platform for 1st-6th grade that makes learning fun and personalized. Teachers and parents can track student progress remotely and quickly identify learning gaps.
  2. Educational Resource Worksheets in pdf format that can be downloaded by students and teachers who are working from home.
  3. CreositySpace is providing lessons from our Contagion Crushers, Water Watchers, and Conscientious Chemists units at no cost to help support teachers, parents, and guardians to keep all kids engaged in science.
  4. Curriculum Associates is offering printable activity packs and guidance for educators and student families to support learning at home. The content, which is available for Grades K-8 for both reading and math, comes in both English and Spanish.
  5. edHelper is online service that provides printable worksheets to teachers and homeschooling parents. EdHelper is providing daily free workbook pages for grades K-6.
  6. FabuLingua teaches Spanish through interactive stories on mobile phones and tablets. Their unique method is designed to introduce the new language in a way that subconsciously develops the child’s ear, comprehension and reading skills.
  7. Hand2Mind is offering free daily content including streaming video lessons, taught by teachers, directed towards kids in grades K-5, for both math and literacy. Also find downloadable activities and STEM resources.
  8. A free music curriculum from Carnegie Hall, Musical Explorers is a one-stop shop for all the resources you need to bring cultural diversity to your classroom—through real artists who share authentic music from their cultures.
  9. Mystery Science offers digital video mini-lessons for science subjects K-5
  10. Hands-on, minds-on learning can happen anywhere and everywhere. If you’re looking for STEMspiration because of an unexpected homeschooling need, you’re in the midst of an uncommon education experience, or you just want to have some STEM fun, we’ve got ideas.

Middle & High School

  1. ChemMattersOnline is a terrific resource for middle school and high school science teachers. Each issue provides a new collection of articles on chemistry topics that students will find engaging and relatable. The back-issue online library offers interesting downloadable articles on all sorts of chemistry-related topics, while the teacher’s guides help you direct your students as they learn from their reading.  These online learning resources are always free for everyone.
  2. Free, interactive virtual classes open to students, teachers, and anyone else interested in learning to code in a fun and engaging manner through game development. The program is aligned to ISTE Standards for computer science education. 7 weeks of free, live coding classes from March 23 – May 7.
  3. DeltaMath is a website that allows teachers to assign math practice content to their students from middle school through AP calculus. Students get immediate feedback as they complete the problems.
  4. S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor founded iCivics in 2009 to transform the field through innovative, free educational video games and lessons that teach students to be knowledgeable, curious, and engaged in civic life. Today, iCivics is the nation’s largest provider of civic education curriculum, with our resources used by over 113,000 educators and more than 7.1 million students each year nationwide.
  5. A unique cultural immersion resource for Spanish, French and German language learning for grades 6-12. iCulture offers travel videos, day in the life videos, current news articles and songs that are all 100% target language, age and school appropriate, and include topics of interest to teens and young adults.
  6. LabXChange is a free platform where students and teachers can discover, create, and remix content to build their own learning journey. The content library contains high-quality digital resources from universities and scientific organizations worldwide … including interactive lab simulations, videos, assessments, and more. With private classes, messaging, and mentorship functions, educators can easily plan and deliver lessons, including teaching lab skills, virtually while connecting their students to a broader scientific community.
  7. Muzology harnesses the power of music to make math fun and accessible. FREE for teachers and students affected by Covid-19 closures.
  8. The NCC offers Exchange programs for middle school and high school students. Scholar Exchanges are live virtual conversations where students learn about constitutional issues, while interacting with a constitutional scholar, historian or judge. Teachers can also sign for Classroom Exchanges where classes interact directly with classes across the United States to practice civil dialogue skills and learn how the constitutional issues impacts them.
  9. RTL is a self-directed way that youth can engage in learning. In one episode of game play, youth will read 500 words, spend 20-30 minutes reading, practice reading comprehension, enhance vocabulary, and more!
  10. UL Xplorlabs is an educational platform designed to encourage middle school students to solve through science. The program showcases the science behind safety engineering through interactive videos, instructional experiences, hands-on classroom activities and creative challenges.
  11. UWorld is an online learning tool for high-stakes exams. They are offering A free, full-length PSAT practice exam that familiarizes students with the format and content of the real test. Each question answered will provide the student with a detailed explanation of the answer choices to help students actively learn and retain concepts.
  12. Vocabbett is offering free SAT and ACT vocabulary prep through story form and an entire freebies section that includes games, vocabulary-boosting short stories, and more. 

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