Shop Local and Support Small Business

Support Small Businesses in Mora

Tired of running to Las Vegas every time you need groceries or want a quick bite to eat? Shop local and save yourself the trip! There are so many great reasons to shop local, but one of the biggest reasons is that shopping small keeps money in our community. When you purchase at locally owned businesses rather than nationally owned, more money is kept in the community because locally-owned businesses often purchase from other local businesses, service providers and farms. Purchasing local helps grow other businesses as well as the local tax base. Shopping small also creates more jobs locally, is more environmentally friendly, and keeps people more invested in the community.

In an effort to support local businesses, we at the Mora Creative Council have created a list of our small businesses in Mora (see below). Please consider these places for your shopping and dining needs!

If you would like to add your business to this list, or have questions or comments, email us at 

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